Benefit Concerts

Fundraising Endeavors and Supports

The BMI Benefit Concert promotes awareness of the needy in undeveloped or developing countries. As the universal language of mankind, we believe that music can unite us and bring healing to many. All the musicians are from local communities, schools, and churches. These musicians have generously offered their time and talent for the Concert. The first Concert was successfully held in 2013. Funds raised over the years through the benefit concerts have helped our mission efforts in Haiti, Uganda, Jamaica, Mexico, Chile and other locations. For example, from our most recent BMI Benefit Concert, enough money was raised to send multiple shipping containers of food to Haiti. We hope that future concerts continue to support many in need and the missionaries working overseas.

  • 2019 Benefit Concert in Doraville, GA (August 25, 2019): Korean Martyr Korean Catholic Church
  • 2018 Benefit Concert in Norwalk, CA (August 26, 2018): St. Raphael Korean Catholic Center
  • 2017 Benefit Concert in New Orleans, LA (March 26, 2017): Hanmaum (One-in-Christ) Korean Catholic Church
  • 2016 Benefit Concert in Atlanta, GA (January 17, 2016): Korean Martyr Korean Catholic Church
  • 2015 Benefit Concert in Los Angeles, CA (March 15, 2015): St. Thomas Korean Catholic Center
  • 2014 Benefit Concert in Boston, MA (April 26, 2014): Fenway Center
  • 2013 Benefit Concert in Boston, MA (June 13, 2013): Scandinavian Cultural Center