Leadership Team

About BMI

Fr. Dominic Jung  |  Spiritual Director  |  Boston, MA  |  frdjung@gmail.com



Xavier Kim  |  Founder & Chief Executive Officer  |  Ridgefield Park, NJ  |  xavierkim1203@gmail.com 

Since his first mission experiences in 1996 in Krakow, Poland and Budapest, Hungary in 1997 as a part of the prayer ministry team with Renewal Ministries based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, his personal vision of being a missionary became a lifetime mission. He has laid down his life for the mission of Christ by being a catechist, Bible study leader, Youth Minister, and Director of Religious Education at various Korean-American Catholic Churches. In pursuit of introducing mission opportunities to more lay people, he established the Bridge of Mission International (BMI). He has led multiple short term mission trips to Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Haiti, Jamaica, and Uganda.


Andrew Choi  |  Chief Financial Officer  |  Atlanta, GA  |  kimchoipc@bellsouth.net

Andrew is married and is the father of two grown children and is grandfather to one grandchild. Andrew has had many mission trip experiences in Peru and Haiti and loves being with people in need.


Joseph Yi, MD |  Secretary & Mission Director of US Western Region  |  Fullerton, CA  |  josephyidoc@hotmail.com

As one of the original members of BMI, Dr. Yi is deeply indebted to this organization for its presence among the laity, offering a chance to share his gift through different mission opportunities abroad and at home.  More than any other facets of mission activity, the most satisfying element is the opportunity to serve God and continue his spiritual walk with Him.  As a medical doctor, BMI offered him many opportunities to visit clinics and treat patients in Haiti, Mexico, Chile, Peru, and Uganda.  BMI also funded the start of the Free Clinic in Compton, CA, affording him and other volunteer providers the chance to serve God near their homes.

Married with three children, Joseph attends St Raphael Korean Catholic Center in Norwalk, CA and is a family doctor in a small group practice in Buena Park, CA.


Lucia Park  |  Co-Mission Director of US Western Region  |  Norwalk, CA  |  aesilpark58@gmail.com

Lucia Park is a mother of two grown children and is grandmother to two lovely grandchildren.  Lucia has been on six mission trips.  She just completed leading a mission group to Myanmar in November, 2016.  Her past mission trips include Peru, Mexico, Haiti, and Uganda. Lucia has also served her community as a service representative for AT&T for 20 years.  Her faith and passion for serving the needy inspires many around her.


Helen Wang  |  Mission Director of US Southeast Region  |  Johns Creek, GA  |  helenlim324@yahoo.com

Helen has been serving as a BMI mission director for the US Southeast Region since 2012. She has participated/led two mission trips to Cap-Haitien, Haiti and to Kingston, Jamaica. She has served as a church council member for teens and as a catechist for a religious education program.  She currently leads bible study groups and is passionate about mission work, especially for teens and seniors.


Michelle Suh  |  Mission Director of US Northeast Region  |  Boston, MA  |  mijasuh@gmail.com

Michelle’s first mission trip to Haiti in 2010 opened her eyes to the true joy of Christian life. Since this life-changing experience, she has regularly visited Haiti, Jamaica, and Mexico. Michelle has served as the BMI mission director of the US Northeast Region since 2011. The “Haiti Rice Project” and the BMI Benefit Concerts are some of successful projects Michelle has initiated. In collaboration with local organizations and faith communities, Michelle has actively served her local community by providing help to the homeless in the inner cities. She believes that in serving the poor, she encounters Jesus Christ in a special way.


Sang Nahm Maria  |  Mission Director of US Central East Region (MD & VA)  |  Clarksville, MD  |  nahm0001@yahoo.com

Sang became involved with the 2014 Cap Haitien Mission trip led by Jeremy Lee.  Since then, Sang has led mission trips to Haiti, Kenya and Uganda.  She has worked closely with St. Michael Roman Catholic parish to set up young adult and high school mission programs for Haiti, Jamaica, Kenya and Uganda.  She is involved in her local parish work at St. Andrew Kim Catholic Church in Olney, MD.


Patrick Won-Pyo Hong, PhD  |  Mission Director of US Central East Region (Tri-States)  | NY, NY  |  molsci01@gmail.com

Patrick is passionate about repurposing things in life for their better use. A scientist specializing in virus research by profession, Patrick has participated mission trips in Cap-Haitien, Haiti, Port-au-Prince, Haiti (Group Leader), Kampala, Uganda, El Alto, and Bolivia. In his response to God’s calling, Patrick joined the Bridge of Mission International (BMI) in 2012.  Since then, he has never stopped the pursuit of introducing mission opportunities to many lay people.